Monday, February 6, 2012

New Lens

I got a new lens. It's a fixed focus, so it's taking some getting used to, but I'm very much in love. It's beautiful, and there were lots of opportunities to wield it over the weekend.

I also got aviators :)

These guys do parkour. They're cool. Their group is called S.P.C. Freerunning and these are some pics from photoshoot-ish-ness we did with them.


This is Juli. (and Scott)

She's pretty.

Parting note: Kerilynn's funny face of the day.



  1. they are all awesome, and so are you, and so is your lens. :) LOVE the first picture. it looks like SUMMER. and the ones of Juli are super, super awesome.

  2. 30mm or 50mm? I just adore my 50mm!

  3. The pic of the aviators with the green grass background is amazing!!

  4. I love all the color in your pictures!

  5. Amanda, it's a 30mm. You have to get alot closer to get the shots, but I actually prefer the depth of focus of my new lens to my 50mm.