Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Jimmy Stewart Suitcase

I've been meaning to do a birthday shoot with my sister (her birthday was in and finally got around to it. We decided to do a 50s theme since she has new pair of Oxfords and an epic Jimmy Stewart-esque suitcase she's been dying to show off. 


                                                               As a parting note:



  1. So much awesomeness. :) LOVE the shoes, and the suitcase... and the tights... :)

  2. Wait...was this today???! I pulled my brothers outside today to take a few pics, but if I had know that you two lovely ladies were out having fun....anyway, stunning photos! You have such a nice, agreeable model. I bet you didn't have to bribe her at all!

  3. I adore. :) Kerilynn, your're so lovely, Hadley, You're an amazing photographer. :)

  4. I am in love with her blue and white dress. From whence did it come???

  5. Hadley! Could you send me the picture where Kerilynn is carrying the suitcase and walking? I think it is the sixth picture.