Friday, September 14, 2012


This is my brother. He's the only one I've got, and he's quite a bit younger than me.
Most brothers in his situation are annoying to their older sisters.

Not Ryan. 

Sometimes I feel like he's my older brother, the way he looks out for me, the way he's mature far beyond his years.

He's also huge. 

He plays sports, reads big books, talks about deep things, treats me like a princess, and has huge biceps.

Yes, be jealous. Brothers like him come once in a thousand years. 

Um, and his middle name is Thor. For reals. 

Love you Ryan. You're phenomenal. And really really tall. :-P

Heh heh :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey, it's Summer

My summer kind of started off with a bang. We moved to Bend - sort of.  It ended up taking longer than we thought it would. While we waited for our house to close we spent the the 4th of July with these people.

I like these people. 

4th of July morning, I grabbed my camera and went 'Ok, everybody to the backyard NOW.' 

This is what happend at first. :)

This is better.

This is my sister, Kerilynn. Happy 17th! You rock.

Daniel :)

This is Jacob, their little brother. You have an epic smile.

This is their sister Sara, who has a lot of animals.

Baby chicks? Yes, please.

I didn't get a lot of pictures from the actual 4th of July party I went to, but I got some.

This is polka dot from I miss this face.

Natalie, I miss your face.

I miss a lot of people's faces.

So, back to my summer of unreasonable epicness.
We moved to Bend eventually, and my cousins (and some friends) came out to help us move. 

And thus began the Week of Lots and Lots of Picture-taking.

This is Cameron :)

and this is Colin. :)

And Gillian <3

My brother and Daniel with their new Batman shirts. Pretty hot stuff.

Notice us all in the reflection. He's eating an ice cream cone fyi.

My sister and her bodyguards

The bodyguards beating up Colin the Thug

lol :)

swagga :)

Andy and Cameron. Their friendship has been a long-distance bromance of epic proportions. 

Shawn and Gus anybody?

Needless to say, they milked the Bromanceyness for all it's worth. It was hilarious.

Girl's turn :)

Of course, the boys photobombed.

The boys and their S.P.C Freerunning shirts

If you can't tell already, aviators were The Thing.

Love you Gill. <3

This is me. They took my camera from me and made me get in a picture with them. 

I love these people. :)