Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am very much ready for winter to be over.

I want shorts and flipflops and sprinklers-under-the-trampoline weather.


I don't think the rest of the world is though. 


(hashtags rock. Even when there technically is no point in doing them for a blog post)

One of the best things about spring is seeds coming up. 

They're so little and hopeful, and for some reason I want to name them. I feel like they deserve some recognition for all the ground-breaking and growing they're doing.

I'm naming them all Neo. No, it's not nerdy.

Primroses :)

These flowers are the coolest because they start blooming in February, before it's even rational for most plants to start thinking about emerging at all.

 Flower bokeh. :)

They rock. does Gus. <3



  1. I wish for snow... Here in Australia, we are moving into winter but it just gets cold... no romantic flurries of flakes or glistening white rooftops... *sigh*

    Hadley - what beautiful photos you take! You know, just by the way... :) haha, I think your Gus is my favourite...


  2. Neo, awesome name. I named my Nook 'Leo II'.
    Don't ask why he's the second.

  3. bare feet in the snow! love it :)

  4. I just adore your photos...I have a special fondness for flower photography. :) AND--yes to the hashtags. #alwaysagoodthing