Sunday, May 27, 2012

Luke's Senior Pictures

       This is Luke. 

Since he's a golfer, we decided to take his senior pictures at the golf course he works at. 

This was, incidentally, my first time at a golf course. I got to drive the golf cart. :)

Luke was very patient, even when I pulled him away from golfing to get some actual senior pictures. :) He also put up with me while I ran around yelling I'M ON A GOLF COURSE like a crazy person. This was a new experience, people!

My brother, photobombing. 

My brother and Luke's brother. Creepers :)

I believe this picture was taken at 9:30...which explains the terrible blurriness. But, golfing at 9 at night? How awesome is that?


  1. Great job Hadley!! No 6, 8 is my fav I think :)

  2. Luke, I somehow misread your comment like this "yes golf with light saber."

  3. that sounds like a Luke thing to do..

  4. Um, these were GORGEOUS! I loved them! The beauty of the course, the colors, the sunshiney-ness! And then his eyes were pretty. =)